PortfoliosSince InceptionYTD Return %1 YR Annualized Return %5 YR Annualized Return %
10 YR Annualized Return %
Alpha Dog27.7613.29198.0455.9237.89
Future 5046.0413.78152.7964.8369.39
Strong 5019.0817.6851.59
Models Average28.9217.73120.8950.2140.20
Alpha vs Benchmark20.003.3985.9935.1827.64
  • The Benchmark shown is the S&P 500 Index as defined as SPY.
  • Gross Returns are through 31 July 2021 – they do not include any trading costs or portfolio management fees or dividends.
  • All results are automated and use the opening day price for buys and sells. Your execution price will determine your results.
  • These results are meant to provide a guide and are not representing the actual returns that you will achieve.
  • Past performance is no indication of future performance.